America’s Got Talent: Brent Street & Howie Mandel Golden Buzzer!

America's Got Talent season 19
Photo: NBC

Tonight on America’s Got Talent, we knew that we would get Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer — then, we knew it would be Brent Street.

How did we figure that out? Well, this was not all that complicated! The moment that we saw they were the last act of the night and that Howie had not pressed his buzzer yet (it had been hyped for most of the hour), the writing was basically on the wall. With that, our main point of curiosity shifted over to what exactly they were going to do to deserve that press and beyond that, how special they would be to stand out from what was an incredibly crowded field of acts that we’d seen throughout the night.

Brent Street is a group based out of Australia and by virtue of that, the work that they did in order to make it to the AGT stage was not simple. This is a long flight out to Los Angeles!

Let’s get to the performance now, as things started pretty weird when the lights were put out in the auditorium. It started out with just one guy on stage, which was a good fake-out for a lot of the judges who were not aware of what was going to be coming up.

Is this a dance act?

Sure, but we also saw in here that there’s a lot of other skills used in here as well. We saw a little bit of acrobatics and yet, at the same time, extremely creativity and vision. We’ve seen acts in this vein that may have been even more athletic, but the artistry and intensity here pushed it to that level where it was worthy of the buzzer.

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What are your thoughts on this America’s Got Talent performance from Brent Street, and the Howie Mandel Golden Buzzer?

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