Yellowstone season 5: Why Kevin Costner announced exit

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As you may be aware at this point, Kevin Costner will not be back on Yellowstone for the remainder of the series. It has been heavily speculated for a while but last week, the actor himself confirmed the news once and for all.

So why do that now? Well, it seems like a lot of it had to do with simply trying to move on past the near-constant headlines.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Costner made it clear (while promoting Horizon: An American Saga) that it was not a hard decision to make his future intentions clear:

“It wasn’t tough … It was a necessary decision to say, ‘Hey, okay I don’t want to really talk about this anymore. It’s time to move on.’

“I gave this thing five seasons … I was really happy to do it. And I don’t need drama. So, let’s just take that drama away, let’s take the guessing [away]. The fans have been way too good to me. And my obligation is to go on and continue to make things that mean something to them.”

We know that it can be easy to go back and forth on whether or not this is the right decision but at the end of the day, is it our place to even say what the right decision is? Costner clearly wants to make his movies into a success and we understand that; meanwhile, the show will go on for Yellowstone and the big question remains whether or not it can keep the momentum going that it’s had over the years.

Of course, we have noted this a few times before, but it is still worth repeating: It does still feel like the ratings for the premiere are going to be insane.

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Do you think that Yellowstone can still work without Kevin Costner?

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