The Boys season 4 episode 5: The Butcher, Compound V problem

The Boys season 4
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As we get prepared to see The Boys season 4 episode 5 on Prime Video later this week, why not discuss Billy Butcher further? After all, Karl Urban’s character is arguably one of the more fascinating mysteries going on within the world of the show.

Consider this, first and foremost: What happened to Ezekiel. Or, some of the blackouts that are happening with him in general. There are a lot of outlandish theories out there about him, from the idea that his cancer has a separate power to him developing multiple personalities. Something is clearly impacting his memory, and also making him extremely powerful at the same time.

Unfortunately, the big issue for Butcher right now is one of control, and that makes him an even bigger risk to be around The Boys than Mother’s Milk even realizes right now. Moving into episode 5 or even episode 6, you have to wonder if someone is going to start to figure out what is going on with this character and if they do, whether or not there is going to be any sort of adequate way in which he can be helped.

If not, do you exile Butcher? Or, do you take him out? It’d be a brutal move, but this is a brutal show and at this point, Butcher should know the dangers of compound V more than anyone.

What does Joe Kessler represent?

Let’s say we go with the theory that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character is a hallucination — if that is the case, is that going to be our window for answers? This could easily be a part of his subconscious that in some twisted way, is trying to reach out and provide a certain semblance of answers. Or, at least guidance on what the darker parts of him want to do.

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