Is Delainey Hayles leaving Interview with the Vampire, Claudia?

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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Following the events of tonight’s Interview with the Vampire episode, is Delainey Hayles leaving the show? Is Claudia really dead?

Well, the aforementioned questions may appear to have an obvious answer, given that we actually saw the character disintegrate under the sunlight onstage alongside her companion Madeleine. Yet, this is a world where insane things can happen … right?

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Unfortunately, expecting an undead character to return after this is too big an ask. Claudia is gone, pending some unprecedented shock. Bringing her back moving forward would undermine the pain and tragedy of the moment, which was one of the most gut-wrenching moments on television this year.

Claudia and Madeleine’s deaths came amidst the trial at the Theatre Des Vampires, where Lestat returned and took out his ultimate revenge. Claudia and Louis had operated outside of the vampire coven’s rules for a long time, even though they did not exactly join or know these rules back in New Orleans. Watching the two burn was slow and painful, but there was one last brilliant act of defiance for Claudia along the way. Not only did she refuse to apologize for her actions, she went out singing. She never allowed Lestat or anyone else to see her in pain.

A toast to Hayles

She came into Interview with the Vampire season 2 with an extraordinary challenge following the exit of Bailey Bass, who was exceptional as the character back in season 1. Yet, she proved extraordinary in embodying one of the show’s greatest characters, an immortal vampire trapped within a child’s body. She struggled to find a place or be taken seriously and yet, she briefly found a home in Paris — that is, before the painful and cowardly betrayal at the hands of Armand. It seems as though he and Louis will eventually mend their relationship, but how that happens is hard to even consider at this point.

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