The Boys season 4 episode 5: Firecracker backstory incoming?

The Boys season 4
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Through the first four episodes of The Boys season 4, it is easy to have some strong opinions about Valorie Curry’s character of Firecracker. She is one of the more unhinged Supes within the Seven in terms of not just her views, but how she goes about expressing them. She also was totally set up to be a pawn by Sage in episode 4, as she needed to do something to paint Starlight negatively to a significant chunk of Americans.

Was her sole purpose in the Seven tied to getting under Annie’s skin? It’s possible, given that she is easily the weakest person in there in terms of her powers. Her only major asset seems to be rallying people up.

So why is Firecracker the way that she is? Why hold such extreme beliefs? Speaking per The Hollywood Reporter, Curry notes that “childhood trauma” is a key to understanding her, and it does feel like we will learn more in due time:

“As an actor, our first job isn’t to judge our characters … Right or wrong, she’s someone who believes she’s been marginalized.”

Is there any way for this character to come to different realizations about her life? Maybe, but you also have to walk a thin line when it comes to how many characters you want to try and redeem. We already have on The Boys someone in A-Train who seems to be on a (possible?) redemption tour this season, but his has also been earned and it’s gone on a long period of time. She’s also done some truly repulsive things, including what was revealed last episode involving a teenager. Firecracker may just be who she is, and she also seems to like this idea that she represents a group of people who she also thinks, right or wrong, have been marginalized.

The biggest thing she has to hope for is that she doesn’t get any more fights with other Supes.

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