Doctor Who season 14 finale: Is Mrs. Flood Romana?

Doctor Who season 14
Photo: BBC One

Did the Doctor Who season 14 finale on Disney+ offer some answers? Sure, but there are still plenty of questions, as well. What’s a big one? Well, that’s rather simple: The identity of Mrs. Flood.

Who is she, exactly? Well, there are likely some clues that were sprinkled through the final episode, most notably when it comes to the way she spoke of an upcoming “terror,” but then also the fuzzy white coat she was wearing. This has a striking resemblance to Romana, a character who dates back decades who has a long history with The Doctor … and also knows a thing or two about time travel. It would at least help to explain why she knows as much as she does!

However, this is far from the only theory that is out there, as we’ve also heard everything ranging from the Night Guardian to Clara Oswald to even River Song. We do think that showrunner Russell T. Davies is probably eager here to make the reveal a combination of things. There could be some nostalgia here, but we also tend to think that he will not do anything that is too restrictive here. That way, the series can still appeal to new viewers.

The thing we’d say here is that everything from Mrs. Flood outfit to her dialogue are probably clues, and we think that there are some red herrings sprinkled in here, as well. She will likely prove important to the upcoming Christmas Special and after that, who can say? Let’s just say that the answer here should hopefully be more impactful and dramatic than the reveal that Ruby Sunday’s mother is just an ordinary woman. Sure, the rest of the final was fantastic, but you do all of that for what reason?

Now, unfortunately, the long wait begins…

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Who do you think Romana is on Doctor Who following the season 14 finale?

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