Fall TV preview: Will ABC win the lottery with ‘Lucky 7’?

Lucky 7Even though we know that ABC’s “Lucky 7” (airing this fall on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern) is really an adaptation of a British drama called “The Syndicate,” isn’t there anyone else out there who feels, especially after watching this trailer, like this is really more like Jorge Garcia’s Hurley in “Lost”? You win the lottery, and then you have to keep yourself from falling victim to terrible things. Who knows? Maybe one of them will buy a chicken joint and then get very unlucky on a plane trip from Australia to America.

We suppose that the advantage to this show coming on is that there are some folks out there who already enjoy the original. Unfortunately, this may be one of the only advantages based on what we’ve seen thus far. The idea of following around lottery winners seems interesting, but the trailer makes this entire show feel disjointed, over-the-top, and a little manic. We still don’t really know any of these people, and we’re not altogether excited to.

This is in many ways a shame, since we like Matt Long as an actor, and want this to work out for him. We also realize that if done right, there could be so many fantastic avenues to explore with these characters.

The real reason that we are not giving up on this show (at least at the moment) is basically because it has Steven Spielberg as an executive producer. He’s not running the show, though, and “Smash” proved that there can still be disasters under his name. We just like the idea of having him around, and hopefully some of his genius will bleed onto here.

The best way to describe our feelings about this show right now is that we just don’t get it. We don’t understand the tone, the personalities of the gas-station employees who won big, and the story as a whole. The trailer doesn’t always make sense.

Are you more excited about this than we are? We like to think of ourselves as a resource to all things Fall TV, and you can check out more of our quick takes over at the link here. We’ll also be watching full pilots all summer long, where we will have an opportunity to really see more of each new show.

Photo: ABC

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