Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 7: Lestat’s revenge?

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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As we brace for Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 7 this weekend, one thing is rather clear: Things will get rather dark. How can they not, based on everything that we’ve had a chance to see so far? Louis, Claudia, and Madeleine are all in danger. Not only that, but Lestat has re-entered the picture!

Honestly, if it wasn’t for the flash-forwards, we would go into this thinking that all of these characters could die; yet, we know that Louis at least makes it through. As for Claudia, let’s just say we’re afraid … very afraid.

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So what is Lestat’s ultimate motive in turning back up? Sure, he wants vengeance for being left for dead, but that doesn’t mean that killing will be top priority with every single character. Speaking to TV Insider, here is what Sam Reid himself had to say:

“Lestat [is] coming back to avenge his death, but then I would ask you to look at the situation that Louis got himself in … I’d say he has got a bite this season … a verbal bite … He didn’t just wake up in the dump and be like, ‘Oh, I’m the same guy again!’ That took a certain toll on him and his actions are informed by that.”

We do at least wonder if part of how Louis survives is tied to not just his past connection to Lestat, but also how technically, he did not finish the job of killing him altogether. He could have done so, but opted not to. That could be enough to spare him, but Reid’s character has his own tightrope to walk here! Remember for a moment that Louis has a lot of charges against him, and convincing some other vampires that he does not deserve the ultimate fate could prove to be a challenge.

We’re already feeling some of tension coursing through this story — with that, we’re both excited and terrified for where things could end up going.

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