House of the Dragon season 3: Will there be more Cregan Stark?

House of the Dragon season 2
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On the season 2 premiere of House of the Dragon this past Sunday, there was a chance to see Tom Taylor as Cregan Stark. However, is there going to be a lot more of him moving forward? That’s where the answer gets somewhat complicated.

Based on a new report from Entertainment Weekly, you are not going to see too much more of the Lord of Winterfell through the rest of the season, despite his introduction and time spent with Jace. As for the reason behind that, it seems to have a lot to the amount of story that the creative team has to tell in a limited amount of time. Spending episodes in Winterfell would, at least at this point, take away from what is happening at the center of the story with King’s Landing and the battle for the Iron Throne.

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What is worth noting, though, is that there is a season 3 ahead, and it does feel like the door is very-much open to seeing more of the Cragen character in some capacity there. Just see what showrunner Ryan Condal had to say on that to the aforementioned website:

“We’ll see how that plays … Anybody that reads the books knows that he does play a role in the larger Dance of the Dragons. I would love to have Tom back. We really enjoyed working with him, but I think we need to play the story out a bit and see where it takes us.”

By and large, we do think that the major points of Fire & Blood will be hit through House of the Dragon, and the advantage that this show has already from Game of Thrones is that there is more of a clear ending. That makes things a little less ambiguous, but the saga of Blood and Cheese on the show does make it all the more clear that there is some flexibility for things to play out different here and there.

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