Squid Game: The Challenge season 2: EP on planning ahead

Squid Game: The Challenge season 2
Photo: Netflix

There were certainly a number of big TV surprises over the past year, but isn’t the success of Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix a big part of it? We tend to think so.

Obviously, there was going to be a lot of anticipation around the show almost right away, and that in itself is not much of a surprise at all. However, what does surprise us is how fantastic the show approved to be. A big concern we had was that the series was going to simply exploit the scripted show and its messaging, but it actually presented a captivating story with empathetic contestants who we wanted to see win the grand prize at the end. You felt devastated when some of them were eliminated along the way! It was such an ambitious undertaking, but it worked.

Now, a season 2 is coming, but it does feel like we’ll be waiting a while for it. There could be some elements based on the second season of Squid Game proper, so producers are not giving a whole lot away. However, it does seem as though there are some lessons the producers already learned from the first go-around.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer John Hay had the following to say about the story progression in season 1, and the flexibility that gives to play around with things moving forward:

There were things we did have to tweak and adapt and change just to make sure we weren’t simply going through the motions of repeating the [scripted] drama … It was heartening to see how well they were received, so that gives us more room for play as we move forward with it.

Odds are, the first season will still contain some classic elements of the first season, but they will probably allow for a few different surprises, as well. We don’t think that they are going to want anyone to know every single thing that is going to be happening in advance.

What are you most hoping to see moving into a Squid Game: The Challenge season 2?

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