The Acolyte season 1 episode 4 preview: Back to the present?

The Acolyte season 1
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If there is one thing that we should do front and center here when it comes to The Acolyte on Disney+, it is applaud its ambition. Was episode 3 as strong as the first two? We’d argue no, largely because there were parts of the flashbacks that gravitated over to melodrama. Still, it offered up an origin story of sorts on Mae and Osha, and also gave us a better sense of how in different parts of the universe, references and understanding of the Force can change.

Also, it was nice to get more of Carrie-Anne Moss — especially since she’s likely done in the present.

With all of this being said, episode 3 did fail to give a lot of answers on how Mae and Osha did find themselves in the spot we saw them in the present, and perhaps a few more things were left vague that didn’t need to be. Could that be for a good reason that is explained later? Possibly.

For now, be prepared for episode 4 to dive back into Mae and her revenge tour, as we will consider to see her try to go after people she blames for her past. We’ve already seen her succeed multiple times, including with Moss’ Indara — in the end, it feels clear that Sol could be her metaphorical final boss. The next episode could build closer there, while also allowing for a few more answers on the show’s central questions.

Along the way, we are 100% down for a few more risks to be taken and for the producers to lean into parts of the Star Wars world that are so rarely explored. If the opportunity is present, why not take advantage at this point?

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