Is Paton Ashbrook leaving Power Book II: Ghost? Where is Jenny?

Power Book II: Ghost season 4
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Is Paton Ashbrook leaving Power Book II: Ghost? Also, where in the world is Jenny Sullivan? If you watch the premiere, you 100% may be wondering.

If you saw the opening minutes of the season 4 premiere, then you know that Jenny is now off chasing mob bosses — whatever that means with this show remains to be seen. The character may have just grown tired of dealing with all of the Tariq St. Patrick mess, plus everything that was also tied to the late Cooper Saxe. Still, wasn’t this exit super-abrupt given that she was a part of the universe for years? It’s always possible that she does turn up over on Power Book IV: Force, but there wasn’t a lot in the premiere that signals she will be back here. Instead, you’ve got Blanca and/or other characters who will handle more of the law-enforcement side of things.

In one way, you can argue that Jenny’s exit is a sign that the producers are going to be focused more than anything else on just the Tariq / Brayden story, since they are on the run from more than just the cops. There are so many obstacles that are being thrown in their direction at every turn.

Do we think that a lot of fans of the Power-verse are going to miss having Jenny around? Probably not, and mostly due to the fact that she was never a popular character — though she was also not really intended to be. One of the real challenges that comes with playing a person like Jenny in this world is that you’re always in opposition to the heroes — and of course, that creates a myriad of challenges that can be hard to make any character stand out from the pack.

As the final season of Ghost carries on, we’ll just have to wait and see what other roadblocks emerge for some of these characters…

Are you shocked that Jenny’s exit was as abrupt as it was from Power Book II: Ghost?

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