NBC’s ‘Revolution’ season 2 spoilers: What we know so far

Revolution LogoAs we near the start of “Revolution” season 2, there are some details that are still very much of the “sketchy” variety. We don’t know what will happen with some of the characters, what getting the power back on really means, or if Miles and Monroe are going to find a way to get along moving forward.

However, there are at least a few things that we can promise right about now. First and foremost, there will be a change of scenery. You’ve probably heard already that production is shifting down to Austin, Texas. While we cannot guarantee right now that the setting for the show will be the same city, it does at least signify that the characters are going to be headed south now after working so hard to reestablish some sense of order.

As for some new faces, the show will replace Nora and then some. There are going to be a pair of new women in their thirties brought on board in Cynthia and Annabeth with one of them being a little bit more of the motherly type, whereas the other is more likely to kick your butt up and down the street like Chun Li from Street Fighter.

Also, a character that you should look out for at some point in season is an older doctor, who is going to at least recur and possibly become a series regular. With Nora out of the picture, it is possible that there could be another regular named; then again, it is also possible that the roster will stay the same in order to ensure that the show remains conscious to the budget.

If you want to read some more news regarding where else the series could go from here, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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