Blue Bloods season 14: Paramount exec hints at spin-off

Blue Bloods season 14
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Is there actually a chance that a Blue Bloods spin-off could be coming at some point down the road? We’ve indicated already that it is something we want … but is it something that will actually happen? That is, at least at present, where some of the mystery lies!

For now, here’s where there is something to be excited about. Speaking (per TVLine) at a shareholders meeting, here is what Paramount Global co-CEO Brian Robbins had to say: “In TV, new franchise extensions are coming for DexterBillions, and Blue Bloods.” Robbins also then added Fire Country to the mix, which proves that he didn’t just get one show confused with another.

For those unaware, Dexter: Original Sin (a prequel) was recently confirmed, and in the past we’ve heard about Billions getting new off-shoots. Fire Country has Sheriff Country coming in the 2025-26 TV season. This is the first we’ve heard of a new Blue Bloods.

So if there is a spin-off, what could it be? It’s a hard show to mess with just because so much of it is about the entire Reagan family, and it would be hard to separate any of them from the group. However, there are two possibilities that do come to mind.

Danny and Baez – Donnie Wahlberg is a big-enough star to anchor a show on his own, and it certainly feels like people would watch another series based solely on this relationship — whether it turns romantic or not. Out of all the core Reagans, this is the off-shoot that would make the most sense in terms of commercial success.

Joe Hill – It’s one that we’ve advocated for before, mostly because Will Hochman has leading-man potential. Also, you can move him off the main show without disrupting much there. It wouldn’t be as easy a sell as a Danny / Baez show, but Joe is well-loved and a lot of diehard viewers could watch more of him.

Could you do a prequel?

Sure, but how much more of an appetite for prequels are there? We’ve already had Young Sheldon, and you are effectively getting Young Gibbs this fall.

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