Survivor 50: Could Boston Rob Mariano return?

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For those who have not heard the news already, Survivor season 50 will feature all returning players. Isn’t that a cause for excitement?

Well, here is where some of this starts to get complicated. How in the world are the producers going to decide on a full cast here? Jeff Probst has already said that this season won’t be restricted to New Era players alone, though it feels like there are a few locks to be asked back from season 41 onward — think along the lines of Shan, Jesse, Maryanne, Carolyn, Dee, and Q from the most recent season. (Of course, being asked back does not guarantee that they all would appear.)

Odds are, there will be at least a few legends from the past included … but could Boston Rob be among them? He has retired from the show only to come back later, but in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the winner of Redemption Island notes that “[with] the current format, I don’t feel the need to go back out there and play Survivor again, where we’re going to go through the motions and they’re going to vote me out.”

Now, there is some truth in what Rob is saying, but at this point, would he necessarily be the biggest threat if he returned? Truthfully, he is loyal at least to a certain extent to some people, so he could be worked with. Yet, story-wise, There is one other thing that the producers themselves are probably taking into consideration at this point — is there anything new Rob would bring to the table? Fresh off of Deal or No Deal Island, we’d rather see him on The Traitors next.

Who from the “old” era should come back?

There are a few people on our personal wishlist: Christian Hubicki, Earl Cole, Natalie Bolton, and Domenick Abbate, among others. It feels like they still have interesting stories to be told.

Of course, how old-school Probst wants to get at this point is a good question, given that there are a lot of people who may just prefer a fresh face.

What do you want to see moving into Survivor 50, especially when it comes to the cast?

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