Hijack season 2 premiere date: A June 2024 update

Hijack season 1
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Early this year, the awesome news came out that there is going to be a Hijack season 2 on Apple TV+ — with that being said, when will it air?

First and foremost, here is what can be said about the next batch of episodes: Idris Elba is back, presumably as negotiator Sam Nelson. However, just about everything else remains up in the air (pun intended). Is there a chance that Sam is aboard a plane again? Maybe, but it feels like the more likely situation is that the character is involved in some other crisis. Maybe he saves people aboard a train, or in the midst of a bank robbery. There are so many other stories that could be explored.

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So when will these episodes arrive? As great as it would be to get more news on that subject this month, it feels unlikely. The more likely scenario is that more info gets unleashed close to the end of year, once production is actually several months in. The other challenge is that this show is a project out of the UK, and they do tend to have a knack for keeping things under wraps.

In general terms, be prepared to see more action, drama, and high-stakes intensity. This show is perhaps closer to 24 at its peak than any other series out there, and the one thing that Hijack may actually do better is limiting themselves to a certain amount of time. You get in, worry about everyone’s fate, and then get out shortly after the fact. If the story makes your hair stand on end, let’s just say that this will be an overwhelming success.

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When do you most want to see when it comes to Hijack season 2?

What sort of crisis do you want to see Sam Nelson in? Share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, remember to come back — there are a lot of other updates ahead.

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