Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: India elections, Modi, verdicts

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Photo: HBO

There was no real denying what at least one segment of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was going to be about. With that being said, the show still managed to surprise us to a certain extent.

After all, it is true that the bulk of the show was about an election — just not the one that you’re thinking about. The Trump trial verdict was the focus of discussion for about two minutes, but the host said nothing about the implications for the upcoming election. Instead, he indicated that there would be more to say here on the other side of the sentencing. This is going to be a disappointment for those who were watching simply for that reaction … but it also should not be that much of a surprise. This is a host that has often eschewed moving into content that will be discussed at length on other shows.

One other reason for him not wanting to cover this at length? Well, Oliver does not love to do this a lot of the time without facts … and there are few of them out there at the moment in terms of what is going to happen. This case is not one with a lot of precedent.

For the near entirety of the show tonight, Oliver turned towards the current election transpiring in India, revisiting someone in Modi who he has discussed at various points in the past.

Still, while this episode may not have been what viewers expected, it provided insight into Modi’s likely re-election campaign and some of his supposed tactics. These are not subjects given a lot of press in America, and that is a part of what Oliver does well. His coverage of foreign elections is often fun, but surprisingly informative at the same time.

What did you think about the June 2 edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

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