Why did Dianne Wiest leave Mayor of Kingstown, Miriam McLusky?

Mayor of Kingstown season 3
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Why did Dianne Wiest leave Mayor of Kingstown heading into season 3? Even if you heard nothing about her departure during the show’s time off the air, you realized early on in the premiere that the character is not coming back.

So what exactly happened here? Anytime that a performer leaves a show, there can often be a number of reasons why. Miriam McLusky was an integral part of her son’s life, so on paper, taking her out of the equation seems to be a questionable move.

With that being said, could this have been done to make Mike (Jeremy Renner) feel even more cornered and alone? That is a reasonably good explanation. At the very least, it is worth noting that Miriam being killed off was story-driven. Deadline confirmed this when news of Wiest’s exit was first reported, which indicates that this is not a case of the actress wanting to depart the show for whatever reason. This is inevitably a series where people are going to die just due to its hyper-violent nature, so it seems fair to say that this is just one of many shocking events that could transpire over the next several weeks. The best advice that we can offer is to prepare for more.

At the very least, the story made sure to honor Miriam at times during the premiere, including that closing scene with Mike and Iris. Hopefully, this is a loss that is going to be addressed throughout subsequent episodes, and this is not going to be a situation where the character’s departure is noted once and then you never see or hear about it again. This show is better than to do something like that, especially when you consider how the person that was lost here is also someone critically important to the main character.

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