American Horror Stories season 4 premiere date: May update

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What is happening at present when it comes to American Horror Stories season 4 over at Hulu? If you are somewhat confused about the state of things, it is fairly easy to understand why.

After all, consider the following for a moment here: The third season of the series was actually just a four-episode “Hulu-ween” event that streamed last October. It may have been modified or cut off early due to the industry strikes. Since those episodes came out, more have been shot. Will those be referred to as season 3 or season 4? There is a lot that still remains unclear, but all indications do point towards us getting them later this year. Is there a chance more specifics will be announced between now and the start of the summer? Let’s just answer that with a big old “maybe” for the time being…

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In reality, here’s what is somewhat easier to predict: In the next month, Hulu could give an approximate date, while also still waiting to give us some more specifics a little bit later on. They don’t ever tend to make extremely-early announcements for the American Horror Story franchise, largely because they do not need to. There is a dedicated audience that will show up no matter what.

With the spin-off in particular, there is a certain element of “you know what you are going to get” with it. Not all of the episodes will be great; some could even be downright terrible. (Remember “Drive”?) Yet, the whole point is just diving into the unknown and getting to explore more of some really creative, wacky, and sometimes terrifying content. It is fun to have episodes of this franchise where there really is not that much anyone knows in advance about what lies ahead.

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What do you most want to see regarding American Horror Stories season 4, and when do you think more will be revealed about it?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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