Power Book II: Ghost season 4 premiere video: The next move

Power Book II: Ghost season 4
Photo: Starz

With the Power Book II: Ghost season 4 premiere coming to Starz in just one week’s time, why not take a look at what is ahead?

If there is one word that we can use in order to describe what lies ahead for Tariq and Brayden, it is this: Chaotic. The most dangerous chapter of the show lies ahead. Remember for a moment that the two were marked men at the end of season 3, where it was clear that almost everyone had betrayed them and they were completely on their own.

So, where do two friends and/or criminals go when they find themselves in great peril? Well, let’s just say that a certain part of the plan has yet to be figured out. If you can head over to the link here, you can see a new sneak peek for what lies ahead that leaves these two characters scrambling. They don’t have a defined place to go and for the first time really in forever, they seem to be out of options.

Yet, it is hard to believe that the end of the series is going to be these two just wandering listlessly without much of a plan. Someone could help them, and it could be an unexpected source. Meanwhile, it is also hard to think that they will be the only ones in danger given that the entire Tejada family is in extremely deep with everything that they’ve got going on these days.

Remember that with this season in general,  the network is going to slow-play everything. You’re going to see the first part in June, but you’ll be stuck waiting until September to see the final stretch. That is where Tariq’s fate will finally be decided.

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