The Bear star Jamie Lee Curtis on surprise season 2 cameo

The Bear season 2
Photo: FX

There are so many things that were delightful about the second season of The Bear, but wasn’t Jamie Lee Curtis’ appearance on the list? The iconic actress played Carmy’s mother Donna through multiple episodes, with the most iconic one being the absolutely chaotic “Fishes.” She then turned up later for the finale, but was unable to go into the restaurant after debating if she would want to step inside.

Hopefully, there are going to be more opportunities to see Donna turn up in season 3 — but what makes things so interesting right now is simply what the producers did to make a season 2 cameo a secret.

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Speaking in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Curtis made it clear just how hard she and everyone else worked to make her appearance happen — and under wraps:

“None of us said a word to anyone — not our families, not our friends, no one … They changed the name on the buses, the vans — the call sheets didn’t have our names on them. We flew to Chicago. There was no connection back to the show. There was no word ‘Bear’ anywhere near me. I stayed at a hotel, the hotel didn’t know who was paying for my room. It was a secret until the day it dropped.”

Ultimately, there’s no reason for as much secrecy moving forward, but we do think the producers will do a little bit in order to ensure that things are under wraps. This is the way of The Bear in general! At this point, there is a chance that there could be a few more big-name guest stars coming up who nobody knows about at all.

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What do you most want to see moving into The Bear season 3?

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