Star Trek: Discovery series finale: EP on time jump, coda

Star Trek: Discovery season 4
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The Star Trek: Discovery series finale arrived on Paramount+ this week, so did we have an ending that felt appropriate to the story?

Well, we would say that there is ultimately one word to describe what we saw here: Moving. The producers did have a major challenge getting all of this together, with the biggest part of it being the rather-simple fact that they did not know season 5 would be the end while it was being written. However, they were at least able to get together that coda that featured a time jump, and allowed us to better get a sense of both Burnham and Book’s future.

So would something have been different in the event that the producers knew this was the final season the whole time? It’s a hard thing to answer, but executive producer Michelle Paradise made it clear to TV Insider that she was grateful to put together at least some sort of farewell to this story:

I don’t know. It’s hard to say. It’s hard to look back and say, oh, what would we have done? But I don’t know. I’m really happy with how it played out, and I honestly don’t think we would’ve done anything differently. But I can’t know because we didn’t know. But I’m really happy with how it all played out. And so I remain hugely grateful to our studio and network partners for letting us go back and do that coda, because if it had ended on the beach, and that was the end of the series, okay. But getting to see where Burnham and Book go and that they have a son, and that scene on the bridge was just so beautiful. Getting to see all of our heroes as they are now one more time, and getting to say goodbye to the ship, it feels—I don’t know. It felt like it wrapped it up in a really lovely way. And to get to do that was such a privilege.

Ultimately, we don’t think that the time jump negates the possibility of revisiting these characters down the road, mostly because what we saw was so brief. Also, there is such an extensive history in Star Trek of revisiting some familiar faces again.

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What did you think about the events of the Star Trek: Discovery series finale?

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