Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2: EP talks Felicity Huffman role

Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2
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The premiere of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is going to be coming here in just a matter of days — and there are big things ahead!

We know that in a lot of ways, nostalgia is one of the major selling points for the series — largely due to the fact that the BAU has been a part of our lives for the past couple of decades. Moving forward, though has found a way to insert some of this in a manner you would not expect — namely, bringing in the late Jason Gideon’s ex-wife. Dr. Jill Gideon is going have a role to play in the story ahead, especially since she works as a biological psychiatrist.

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So why bring in this character now? Well, speaking via TV Insider, showrunner Erica Messer seemed to indicate that this is someone who has, in some shape or form, been on her mind for a long time:

“I always felt like that character, she was somebody that existed in a version of the pilot that never aired, we never saw her, but certainly talking about his ex-wife—I just thought, oh, that would be really incredible if we had a reason to bring that character in. And we did … And once we got Felicity Huffman, it was like, oh my God. So we made it a three-episode arc and it’s just really compelling. She is so good and definitely has an open-ended out for the season, so it feels like ideally we could bring her back some other time. But she’s incredible.”

It is nice to see that Huffman’s character is going to have more than just some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, and this is an opportunity to expand the world of the BAU a little bit more. Gideon has been gone for a long time, but we know very much about his relationship with Rossi.

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