Under the Bridge season 2: Is it renewed, canceled at Hulu?

Under the Bridge
Photo: Hulu

After the finale today on Hulu, is there any chance that you could see more of Under the Bridge down the road?

First things first, we should note this: If there is a continuation here, it’s hard to imagine it being under the same title. Doing that would be crazy given that almost the entirety of the show is based on true events, and most of that has been fleshed-out already. The cards at the end of the finale also indicated what is next for Kelly, Josephine, and many other characters; there is no real reason to revisit any of them. The same goes for Rebecca, since her presence on this show was largely to tell this particular story about Reena Virk.

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Now, here is where things get interesting: Could you tell another story about Cam? In theory, you could given that Lily Gladstone played an original character who was not actually there during the Reena Virk case. Also, during the finale she learned the truth about her family history and she has a chance now to truly explore and understand her roots. There has been a lot said over the past few years in general about the atrocities committed against First Nations in Canada, and there could be a powerful story about reconciliation here.

If Hulu, the producers, and Gladstone are all interested in pursuing this idea, there could be another story here. However, at the same time it would be incredibly strange to pursue a fully-fictionalized story as a follow-up to a true one. Sure, we suppose you could put Cam in the universe of another true story, but it would almost feel weird to do this on multiple instances. If such an opportunity exists down the road to discuss First Nations and their history through a present-day lens, it feels better to just have it be a new show and have Gladstone play someone else.

Odds are, this is it for Under the Bridge and this world — or, at least it very much should be.

What did you think about Under the Bridge in its totality?

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