‘Big Brother 15’ spoilers: First look at the live feeds, bad news for Canada?

JeffFor those of you chomping at the bit to see some “Big Brother 15” information, we finally have it … and for those of you (or at least some of you) ready to pick up the live feeds for the upcoming season, the resources to do so are now at your fingertips.

There’s a lot to dive into here, but let’s start with what season 11 and 13 star Jeff Schroeder is saying the video below. The feeds are now online for purchase, and you can do so over at the link here. The good news here is that the prices are slightly lower than they were for the SuperPass service, and you also don’t have to go through the trouble of canceling your subscription once the season is over. There are some new additions, including live chat and a shiny new interface. Most of the same features are also still there, from four cameras to there being an option to watch all of the action at once (something that was sorely missed on the Canadian version).

Now, we turn to the major problem with the announced service as of this time. In order to pay for the service, you need a valid United States zip code or address. For everyone north of the border, this is terrible news. For those of you saying “Canada blocked us out of their live feeds so it’s tit for tat,” it’s a completely different sort of situation. “Big Brother Canada” was advertiser-based and the feeds were free, so it made logical sense for there to be international restrictions. If you’re a paying customer, who cares if you are living to Colorado, Canada, or Cameroon? You should still be able to see everything that you want to see.

We still are holding out hope that CBS will come to their senses and sort this all out, but if they don’t, they have no one to blame but themselves for losing money and alienating their own fans by putting themselves in this situation. It’s a garbage decision to abandon any fans, regardless of where they live and whether or not they are able to watch your network in the comfort of their own homes. The only possible explanation we can think of here for the change is broadcasting rights. Since SuperPass was not a broadcaster, they did not face the sort of international roadblocks a network like CBS might, given that Global has the rights to the show in Canada. So for those of you trying to petition or fight for the feeds, look toward international broadcasters, because it may be the best way to go about things.

The primary aspect of this whole Canadian ordeal that is infuriating is that rather than addressing Canadians in their FAQ or on Twitter, the network is simply choosing to ignore them and any other international fans for the time being. Shouldn’t you have made this clear right away, rather than trying to bury the answer, or at least direct fans to a possible solution?

For now, we’ll try to see if this is addressed anytime soon. If you want to see some more of our “Big Brother 15” coverage, including what twists we would like to see return, be sure to click here.

Update: CBS has now made it clear with a very disappointing message added to their FAQ that there will be no feeds in Canada, at least those provided by them:

“Big Brother Live Feeds may be accessed in only the United States including Hawaii, Alaska and the Virgin Islands.”

Photo: CBS

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