Station 19 series finale promo: Will Maya survive?

Station 19 season 7
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Entering the Station 19 series finale on ABC, the producers clearly had one priority — to make you as worried as possible. How else do you explain the situation that many of the characters are now in? Maya is in severe jeopardy, the wildfire could eventually jump over to Seattle, and you even have a fire tornado, of all things, threatening to cause unspeakable damage!

For all of those wondering, a fire tornado is 100% a thing, even if it has a name that sounds like it was concocted in a lab for disaster B-movies. (Technically, there are separate terms for what they can be depending on the condition.) Ironically, this is not even the first fire tornado we’ve seen on TV this year, as there was one that we saw on Fire Country not that long ago. It’s basically a way to throw all of the characters into even more jeopardy than ever before.

So is there a chance that the writers are going to kill off Maya in the finale? While anything is possible in theory, we highly doubt it. For starters, all signs point to the producers leaving the station around for possible crossovers down the road or even a full-on revival. Are you really going to remove one of the most-popular characters from the equation? Also, killing her off right when Carina gets long-awaited pregnancy news would be especially heartbreaking — it’s hard to imagine a world where that happens.

With all of this in mind, our sentiment instead is that amidst all the struggle, many of our heroes are going to find a way to still be out there. Obviously, nobody within the Station 19 world wanted to see the show go when it did; yet, the hope remains that the conclusion will be big, celebratory, and certainly worth watching.

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