Elsbeth season 2 spoilers: Will we meet Teddy?

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We know that Elsbeth season 2 is going to be coming to CBS this fall and yet, there is SO much to wonder in the interim. What’s a big thing? That’s simple — whether or not there’s a chance that we’re going to meet the title character’s son Teddy.

If you think back to Carrie Preston’s character on both The Good Wife / The Good Fight, Teddy was mentioned briefly — but that was it. There’s a chance to mention him more on the spin-off, but we still haven’t seen him. Also, there’s a chance that we may never see him. Speaking to TVLine on the subject, Preston has an interesting perspective on the matter:

Gosh, I don’t know. I personally think it’s really fun not to see him in the same way that we didn’t see Columbo’s wife. He talked about his wife all the time and we never saw her. And there’s something to be said for leaving the audience to imagine what Teddy is like than to actually cast an actor as Teddy. That said, I, again, trust Jonathan Tolins, our showrunner and all the creators of the show to, if they do cast Teddy, find somebody who’s going to be wonderful and maybe it’ll be something that I couldn’t have dreamt. So I’m open to anything as far as Teddy goes.

Of course, we tend to think that this is all going to be based on writing and/or casting. We don’t need to meet Teddy just for the sake of meeting them; instead, we’d say to bring them in only if there’s an awesome person for the part and something unique. Given the show’s knack for casting really awesome guest stars, this is one of the reasons why we think there could be something worthwhile from having him surface at some point.

For now, let’s just be grateful that the first season was such a blast…

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