The Rookie season 7: Eric Winter on Bradford, Chen future

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As you get prepared for The Rookie season 7 to prepare on ABC in 2024, why not discuss Bradford and Chen further?

At the moment, we recognize fully that things are not patched up between the two — and also, that not everyone may be thrilled with that. However, is it also true to where they are at the moment? We tend to think so, even if things are complicated.

After all, remember this: Even though the feelings may still be there for both of them, Bradford has a lot to do when it comes to self-improvement, and going through therapy seems to be the best start for a lot of it. If he does want to end with Lucy down the road, he may be doing the best thing he can right now.

Speaking on this subject further to TV Insider, here is some of what Eric Winter had to say on that subject:

“I think it’s very clear how much Tim appreciates Lucy and cares about Lucy. And I think in his mind—this is the way I see it—he’s working on himself, he’s in therapy … He’s trying to get better and I think care about himself a lot more so that he can give more to that relationship. I don’t think in his mind it’s over. I don’t think in his mind it’s done. I think it’s just not now, not until I’m stable to give you the best version. I don’t know if he sees it as hope. I don’t know if he’s there, but I don’t think he sees it as it’s gone.”

Ultimately, we do think that the relationship could be focused on again, but it’s a matter of when and it could require some patience. Let’s just put it this way — if the two were actually together come the premiere in the new year, we’d be stunned. It’s one thing to root for Chenford but in order for the story to work, there has to be a way to have it make sense for both parties again.

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