Is Kim Raver leading Grey’s Anatomy? Did Teddy get fired?

Grey's Anatomy season 20
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Is Kim Raver leaving Grey’s Anatomy following the events of tonight’s season 20 episode? You can argue there is a case for it. After all, consider the following: She just got fired by Catherine!

At the end of the episode, we saw Dr. Altman reveal the bad news to Meredith, who certainly went through a lot over the course of the hour as well. Is her relationship with Nick in trouble? It definitely feels that way. It’s a clear problem for him that she is putting work first, but we’d argue the issue is even more substantial than this. To be specific, she’s putting her work first to such a degree that it is difficult for him to deal with it.

In getting back to Teddy now, this is the second time in the past year we’ve been concerned about her long-term future. Just remember that the character’s life was on the line heading into the season, and that was a serious concern for even weeks after the premiere.

One other reason we’re concerned? It is pretty clear that we’re in the midst of a substantial exodus at the medical drama, given the fact that both Midori Francis and Jake Borelli could be leaving at some point early next season.

For the time being…

Let’s just go ahead and say this — nothing has been confirmed on a possible Raver exit, and this would be a hard thing for the show to ultimately deal with given that she and Owen are parents with children. The only way we could see a departure happening here is in the event that she did die, and are the producers really going to want to dip back into that well again so soon? We don’t think that there is a good case to be made for it.

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Do you think Teddy has a future on Grey’s Anatomy after the events tonight?

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