‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: New photo of Charlotte Rampling’s Evelyn

DexterIs Evelyn Vogel meant to be charted along the same lines as such other great “Dexter” characters as Arthur Mitchell, Miguel Prado, or Lumen Pierce? We don’t know the answer to that just yet, but the producers behind the Showtime drama seem intent on telling us as often as possible that Charlotte Rampling’s character could end up being someone that will be very important to the story this season.

The photo attached here is a new one for the season, so let’s kick things off here by giving you whatever details we have about this character right now (which contains some minor spoilers, but only ones that have been released by Showtime itself). The character is a famed criminologist with ties to Miami, and she has taken an interest in Dexter. What’s the reason for it? Let’s just say that Harry did not devise the Code completely by himself.

The frustrating part of the Evelyn character is that it almost feels like a rewrite of history, since it is a part of Dexter’s past that we never assumed to be there before. However, there may be a motherly aspect to this relationship, which is something that Dexter never really had. This alone could be very interesting, at least if it plays out in a way that doesn’t come across as hokey or forced. She’s certainly going to be different than many of the other aforementioned characters, mostly because she doesn’t look like a serial killer or a love interest for Dexter to play with.

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Photo: Showtime

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