Tracker season 1 finale: What happened with Colter’s dad?

Tracker season 1
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We knew entering the Tracker season 1 finale on CBS that there was potential for a pretty darn dramatic cliffhanger. Rest assured, we got that — but also so much more.

So, what exactly did we see learn? Well, it turns out that Lizzy (Jennifer Morrison) had been sent some information (research and documentation) from his sister Dory, played earlier this season by Melissa Roxburgh. It turns out that Dory and her mom may have known more about what happened to the family patriarch than has been let on as of late. Are they trying to cover up a certain part of his past? You can make an argument about that, especially when Dory just keeps telling him to move forward and not think that much about the past.

Speaking in a new interview with Deadline, here is at least some of what Justin Hartley had to say about this cliffhanger mystery:

When you have a show like this, and you end it in such a good way, and you wrap up all these stories in a pretty little bow, it’s cool, and it’s great. But we have a whole other season to shoot that we have to make better than Season 1. So…while we wanted all those storylines wrapped up, we also wanted those bows to sort of lead to other questions— bigger, deeper questions — about his past. So I think we did that in answering some of these questions that we had built up all year. I think we did a good job of making sure that the answers to those questions then lead to a bigger mystery, something that we can unpack in Season 2.

Given that the second season is likely to be deeper and meatier than season 1, the stage could be set for some other big reveals — plus, some other opportunities to learn about Colter’s family history. Who wouldn’t want that, all things considered? Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to see a lot of these guest stars back soon to further along the mystery.

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