Fire Country season 3 spoilers: What happens to Manny now?

Fire Country season 2
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There is undoubtedly a lot of big stuff ahead in Fire Country season 3, from the aftermath of Gabriela’s wedding to Bode’s employment. He’s now a free man!

However, there are certainly a lot of other questions elsewhere, with a big one being tied to none other than Manny, of all people. Is he going to be in prison at the start of the season? There is certainly a chance of it. He got to walk his daughter down the aisle but on the other side of it, was promptly arrested. This certainly creates a ton of ambiguity regarding the future, right?

Speaking in a new interview with Parade, here is what showrunner Tia Napolitano had to say about what is going to happen with Manny — and what the future will look like:

“We’re going to live in the real-time events of what happens after he gets arrested for having punched Luke at that event … So we’re not going to get the answer right away of how this is gonna go for him. And I think that’s a very anxious place for a person to be, especially a person who was incarcerated at one point.”

Obviously, a show like this is going to be out to create as much drama as possible — why wouldn’t they? They also are going to want to make certain things linger. They are already doing this when it comes to what is happening with Bode and Gabriela, so they may as well on all fronts.

Given Manny’s history with Three Rock, we also certainly wonder a lot about how some of these stories could end up being tied together at the same time. Even with Bode out of prison, we know that the unit is going to be a huge part of the show moving forward in some way.

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