Sugar season 2: Show EP breaks down renewal hopes

Sugar season 1
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In the wake of what happened at the end of the season 1 finale, we don’t blame anyone who is eager to have a season 2 of Sugar soon. As for whether or not it will actually happen, consider that the mystery for now! Everything remains somewhat up in the air, but there are some big questions well-worth asking at present.

What’s a big one? Well, that’s tied to whether or not we are going to learn something more when it comes to Henry and then also John’s sister Djen, who may be very-well still out there. Also, a number of the other aliens have left Earth, which leaves our title character in a trickier position. What will he gain more from staying on this planet?

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While at present Apple TV+ has not said too much about the future, just know that everyone involved behind the scenes is eager to keep it going. Speaking to TV Insider, here is what executive producer Simon Kinberg had to say:

Well, we’re super focused, obviously, still on this season, and we’re very thrilled with the fact that people are liking and really connecting with [it]. We would love a second season. Colin would love a second season. We all love this character so much and this tone and this sort of melding of genres so much that we feel like we would really be able in the second season to take the gloves off because we wouldn’t be hiding as much. So that’s the hope. Ultimately, it’s out of our hands and it’s in the hands of audiences really. But Apple’s loved the show and they’ve been super supportive the entire time and so far it’s been received really well. So if that continues, then the show will, too.

Odds are, Apple will take several weeks to figure this out, but the intrigue and enthusiasm around another chapter seems to be there. So long as that remains the case, there is plenty of reason to be hopeful.

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