Survivor 46 finale preview: Who will win?

Survivor 46
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Next week on CBS, you are going to get the Survivor 46 finale. So, what exactly is going to happen? There are five people left. With that in mind, everyone is going to be doing whatever that they can to get to the finish line.

On paper, you could easily argue that Maria is in the driver’s seat moving towards the end of the season. She’s won the most immunity challenges; however, she is also an obvious target. She knows that Charlie went against her on this past vote and she recognizes that she is completely on the outs. Why didn’t she just encourage Q to go ahead and play his idol, especially since Charlie talked to her about going after him? There was certainly a case to made for that, but she must have thought he could help her with it back at the final five.

We’ll have more time to rank the winners over the next few days, but honestly, it feels like Charlie or Kenzie are the most likely champs if Maria is taken out at five. In particular, tonight’s episode is when the winner’s edit for Kenzie started to really take shape — she’s made moves this season, she was proclaimed to be a huge target by Bhanu in the early going, and she also seems to have an incredible social game. Who dislikes her out of the people who are a part of the show? Also, do Liz and Ben have a case at the end of the game at all?

The only thing that would really be bad about a final three with Liz, Ben, and either Kenzie, Charlie, or Maria is that the win would be abundantly obvious. With that in mind, this show is better off having two of those players in the final three. The idea would be all three of them, since then it becomes pretty hard to figure out who gets the lion’s share of the votes. Could Maria or Charlie split it?

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What are you most excited to see moving into the Survivor 46 finale?

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