Survivor 46 episode 12: Q Burdette voted out, with an idol

Survivor 46
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Going into Survivor 46 episode 12 on CBS tonight, obviously we were prepared for the hot mess of a season to deliver the goods again.

Suffice it to say, we got that the moment Maria freaked out over not getting the letters from home — even though she and Charlie had talked about him not taking her previously! It’s easy to understand her sadness, but this did underscore the sort of mad-cap night that was coming the rest of the way. Remember that this is an episode that featured Q finding an idol, Maria dominating the puzzle portion of the immunity challenge, and then her and Charlie spending the bulk of the time before Tribal discussing how to blindside the other person. Charlie, Ben, Kenzie, and Liz seemed to be on board with getting Q out of the game. Meanwhile, Maria had concocted a scheme to get out Charlie and felt like everyone was with her.

There was a huge chance that Q was going to fall victim to the same curse that doomed Tiffany, Venus, and Hunter before him — having an idol and not playing it. He and Maria both seemed way too confident that they had the numbers of their side.

Q’s demise was probably set up by the confessionals from Maria before Tribal, and  we’re honestly still shocked he didn’t play the idol! He knew that people had been targeting him, and also that it would only be good for one more Tribal before fire-making. This was a chance for him to make a big move and take out a significant threat. Then again, he never had a perfect game; this is the same guy who tried to quit a few episodes ago.

In the end, what matters here is that Q was fantastic television and really the big star of season 46. Honestly, it makes sense in a way that he took himself out just as much as anyone else.

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