Young Sheldon spin-off: Mandy’s parents join full-time

Young Sheldon season 7
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For a while now, we tend to think it was clear that the Young Sheldon spin-off could feature more of Mandy’s parents. After all, the seeds were already planted for Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones to have a larger role.

Now, it is official. According to TVLine, the two actors are going to be series regulars on Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage. This show is still set in Texas, but obviously will feature a different aspect of Montana Jordan and Emily Osment’s characters. Their lives are clearly shifting, so what is that going to look like?

Admittedly, the biggest question mark we have about the spin-off is how it fits within established canon. On The Big Bang Theory, it was established that Georgie and Sheldon were not on the best of terms stemming from how Sheldon left for Caltech, and how Georgie was really left to take care of the rest of the family. If Georgie himself is not super-close to his sister or his mom, how does that work? We’ve also yet to get the sense that either one of those characters will be featured in the spin-off, at least full-time. We tend to imagine that some requests will be put in for them to appear, but we’ll wait and see on that.

Will this spin-off work? That remains to be seen, but we are curious to give it a shot! Jordan has grown tremendously as an actor on Young Sheldon and beyond just that, Osment has a fantastic history of doing comedy in front of a live audience. We have reasons aplenty to think that this is a show that will deliver, especially with the talent that exists here behind the scenes at the same exact time.

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