Only Murders in the Building: Molly Shannon role revealed

Only Murders in the Building season 3
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If you missed the big news yesterday, Only Murders in the Building season 4 is officially coming to Hulu in late August! Not only that, but we’ve also got a sneak peek for one major role.

Months ago, Saturday Night Live alum Molly Shannon was one of the major additions announced for the show, and based on the teaser that was released, it does seem like she will be playing a particularly powerful person. Who are we talking about here? Think a studio bigwig who is intent on adapting Oliver, Mabel, and Charles’ podcast in some form out in Hollywood. You can see her briefly discussing the possibility with the characters, and we are immediately curious how much she will lampoon some traditional expectations of executives in these sort of negotiation rooms.

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Of course, we do think that Shannon has a long history with at least Steve Martin and Martin Short, given the roots that all of them have in sketch comedy — she has to feel right at home here! The larger question we have right now is how much time the trio will even have to focus on a lot of this, given that they have a new murder that they need to take on here in Sazz Pataki. We do tend to think that these two stories to at least have the potential to intersect here and there. After all, Jane Lynch’s character was a stunt double and presumably, she had plenty of connections in Hollywood herself.

As we do get closer and closer to the premiere date, let’s just say that we’ll have a lot more to share and discuss at the Arconia and beyond. We couldn’t be more excited…

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