FBI season 6 episode 12: Where is Maggie Bell?!

FBI season 6
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Tonight, FBI season 6 episode 12 delivered another brand-new mystery — but at the same time, also an MIA version of Maggie Bell.

So where in the world was Missy Peregrym’s character through everything that transpired. Well, the simple answer here is that she is still in Ohio with Ella, and according to OA, she is eager to come back to work in the near future. She needed this time off in order to better rest her life. This could prove good for her, mostly because she is not the sort of person who would ever ask for time off herself. She may have needed help to get to this point but luckily, she did.

Of course, nobody wants to be in a situation where Peregrym is gone for good but luckily, there is no evidence this is happening. What we do tend to think here is that FBI is adopting the same episode-limit strategy as the rest of the extended Wolf Entertainment universe, where series regulars sit out a predetermined number of episodes in order to ensure that the budget remains at a certain point. This can be a challenge for the writers to figure out over time and yet, it’s something that they have to do — they have no other choice.

Given that next week is the finale, it does feel like the odds are high that Maggie will be back for that. If she’s not, it would be a big surprise unless this is some sort of leave Peregrym needed on the outside world. The idea of the producers themselves leaving out their leading lady for the end of the series is something that we don’t even want to imagine.

Now, let’s just hope that when Maggie is back, she will be doing better.

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Do you think having Maggie Bell gone at this point in FBI season 6 is a big mistake?

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