Sugar season 1 episode 8 (finale) preview: Case closed?

Sugar season 1
Photo: Apple TV+

Are you ready to check out the Sugar season 1 finale over on Apple TV+? In just a matter of days, it is going to be here … and yes, there are questions galore.

What is one of the biggest ones pertaining to Olivia? Well, we tend to think it is tied to what happens even in the event she is found? Is that really it? For John Sugar, he could find himself in a rather unusual spot. Sure, he will have done what Jonathan asks of him, but it doesn’t quite resolve the why. Or, at the same time connect all the dots when it comes to why some of the other aliens wanted him to steer clear of this case in the first place.

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If you head over to Broadway World, you can see a short sneak preview for the finale, one that does raise more questions and also make you wonder if every stone has been turned over in this case. Regardless of the fact that John Sugar does not come from Earth, it does not change his philosophy when it comes to taking on these cases. He stays with them until he gets answers even regardless of whether or not it is an answer that he is happy with.

Now, let’s just hope that we at least get an answer we are happy with at the end of the finale — there could be closure on Olivia,, but also still lingering questions at the same time about something more. Given that the producers have already expressed their desire to do another season, there is a good chance that there are a few loose ends that could be revisited further a year or two down the road. (Sure, Apple TV+ has not renewed the show as of yet, but we remain hopeful that something is going to eventually happen.)

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What do you most want to see as we prepare for the Sugar season 1 finale?

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