Sugar season 1 episode 8 (finale): Answers on Olivia?

Sugar season 1
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We understand that there is a lot to dive into when it comes to the Sugar season 1 finale on Apple TV+ in just a matter of days. Of course, you are going to have a lot of questions about aliens given the huge reveal about Colin Farrell’s character earlier this season.

However, at the same time you also have to discuss Olivia. It seemed at the end of episode 7 as though John Sugar found her, but we also know that looks can be deceiving. Her disappearance has been central to the story all season, and there are a ton of questions that now need to be answered.

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So, where do we start? Well, a good jumping-off point here is by just wondering if we know the full story about why she was taken in the first place. Everything on that so far has been a little bit ambiguous, and not necessarily that clear for a story that has had some moments of clarity elsewhere. Does Olivia know about the aliens, and is being hidden for that reason? Remember, there has to be a reason why Ruby wanted John to steer clear of this case at times.

Now, we also have to wonder just how much time John is going to spend with her if she is even found. He was hired for the explicit purpose of finding her, and he is not a cop or someone who can sit down with her and write some formal report. Is she going to be grateful enough to him to want to hand over more information, or will she be too traumatized?

Of course, it would be great to learn more about the aliens in the finale; yet, let’s not forget about the case that got us here in the first place.

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What are you most want to see moving into the Sugar season 1 finale?

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