‘Orphan Black’ season 1 finale preview: Will Sarah be arrested?

Orphan BlackIf you are as big of a fan as we are about “Orphan Black” then you are likely just as excited about the big season 1 finale tomorrow night.

The first promo released for the finale revealed quite a bit, such as Cosima coughing up blood like the German clone, Helena being told that she is not the original and Sarah quite possibly being arrested for impersonating Beth Childs, so when we heard that a second promo had been released we jumped all over it. Sadly the second season 1 finale promo is just a bunch of regurgitated footage that we have already seen throughout the season (you can still check it out below if you want.)

We are dying to know what’s going to happen now that Sarah and Helena know that they are actually twin sisters and were carried by a surrogate mother hired by scientists. Their mother obviously knew something wasn’t right and hid Sarah and Helena in the only way she knew how, by separating them and moving them to different parts of the world. Now that they have found each other and know the truth will this change anything for them?  Helena is feral and brainwashed by a religious cult, so she may be too far gone for her and Sarah to bond as sisters, but at the very least Helena might be able to have more of a connection with her then with the cult leader that was forcing her to kill off the clones.

As for the other clones, Cosima has confronted and kicked Delphine out of her life, but will Cosima’s feelings for her could her judgement once again? Alison and Felix have bonded in a pretty substantial way after her monitor, Aynesley, organized an intervention and while we thought there would be no way out for Alison, she pulled herself together and exposed her monitor’s personal secrets in front of the group. Aynesley gave Alison a pretty serious word of warning that has us worried that she might be in serious trouble and her hopes of “getting her life back” are over.

We are expecting big things out of the “Orphan Black” season 1 finale tomorrow night as the series has been consistently great so we wouldn’t expect anything less from the finale. Be sure to check out the promo below and tell us what you think is going to happen to our clones. Also if you missed out on seeing the first promo for the finale, you can check that out here.

Photo: BBC America (Video source: Spoiler TV)

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