Survivor 46 episode 11: Venus Vafa voted out with an idol

Survivor 46
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Heading into Survivor 46 episode 11, it was clear that there was a new catalyst to shake up the game. Also, his name was Charlie.

With that in mind, what did he want to do? Well, a lot of it was really tied to trying to get out of Maria’s shadow, and the situation could not have played out better for him in a number of ways. Because she won immunity, he did not have to deal with the pressure of voting her off. Meanwhile, he watched Q make himself somehow an even bigger target by getting picked on the food reward (hilariously) over Liz. At about the 9:00 p.m. Eastern mark in the episode, it felt like he was the clear person to be booted from the game.

What made matters worse for Q? Well, he wanted out Venus … and we saw that earlier this episode, she found an idol and had the good sense to not tell anyone about it. She just had to recognize that people were coming for her in order to be okay.

Yet, Venus told the confessional that she really didn’t want to play it at Tribal Council, and wanted to rely on her social game instead.

Well, here’s the thing

For at least the final five minutes before Tribal Council, we were convinced that this was all editing trickery and Venus would know to play her idol. Q, Maria, and Ben were all seemingly stacked against her, and did she really trust Charlie? Her conversation with him was overly complicated and she hinted at stuff (her idol) that only made him paranoid.

The actual Tribal Council

Jeff Probst brought licorice, and that was a good setup for what was a ridiculous Tribal at times in between Liz losing her words, Q realizing he was in some trouble, and Maria having to defend herself for her ridiculous reward rationale.

In the end, the person voted off here was Venus — another person gone with an idol. Also, Q stays. Also, wacky Kenzie vote? Someone playing an idol insurance policy, perhaps?

What did you think about the events of Survivor 46 episode 11?

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