‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Desiree Hartsock, Brooks Forester, a fancy car, and rap

DesireeWe talked a little bit yesterday about how Brooks Forester and Desiree Hartsock were going to have a one-on-one date together on Monday night’s new “The Bachelorette” episode. Want some more proof of it? Just check out the newest promo below for the episode, which promises quite a bit coming up in the way of romance … and drama.

For all of you fans of Brooks and Bryden (who gets the other one-on-one date during the episode), we imagine that you are ultimately going to feel a little bit disappointed by their tiny screen time here. Instead, most of the video spends its time hyping up one of two things.

1. The “Right Reasons” rap song that seems to be at the center of the upcoming group date. This video was already leaked a little earlier this month, so there’s really nothing to see here in regards to the finished project (save for unintentional hilarity at how awful it is). What may at least be of moderate interest to some is getting the opportunity to see the process of how this is made.

2. The upcoming realization that one of the guys has a girlfriend, and he gets totally called out on it. Notice that the show never actually shows the man and the “girlfriend” in the same frame, so it’s probably better not to assume too much based on this clip alone. What we personally find funny is that we’re seeing so much hype around this one even right now, and odds are that the actual scene will probably last for about 45 seconds when it actually happens (which may not even be in Monday’s episode).

What’s your take on this video, and is there any one thing you’re looking forward to? If you want to watch a longer sneak peek all about Desiree and Bryden, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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