Sugar season 1 episode 7 spoilers: The impact of violence

Sugar season 1
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As we get ourselves prepared for Sugar season 1 episode 7 in a handful of days, there are so many things to wrestle with!

For us as viewers, a big thing we have to reconcile is the information that John Sugar is actually an alien, something that is both jaw-dropping and also unique. It changes his origins and yet, it doesn’t actually change the person he is or how he investigates moving forward. Seeing what he chooses to do from here is going to be an especially fun thing to see … but there is a fear. Is all of the violence as of late going to fundamentally destroy him?

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Even though Sugar is clearly the sort of character who will do whatever he can to do what needs to be done, that doesn’t mean he enjoys it. As a matter of fact, Colin Farrell notes to Variety that all of the violence associated with his character could burden him moving forward:

“Sadly for him, any act of violence, whether observed or perpetuated by him, is something that hurts him greatly … That was one of the things that was nice about him. It was a lovely counterpoint when I read the character. Characters within the noir genre, they are often soiled by the ugliness that they have lived around. The greed, the violence and the duplicity have become part of their experience, even if they are on the side of good. They are a little bit more hard-boiled, they are jaded by the world and cynical.

“But somehow that cynicism hasn’t kicked in at all for him. His hope and his belief in some kind of fundamental decency of human beings is alive and well. I thought that was really beautiful. But this violence he is a part of in the show, especially this episode, has a great consequence on him.”

We imagine that this perspective is a part of what made this role so appealing for Colin to play. Sugar is not some antihero, and he legitimately wants to do the right thing most of the time. However, he is surrounded by a ton of people who don’t share his point of view, and that does pose its fair share of issues.

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How do you think the story is going to unfold moving into Sugar season 1 episode 7?

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