Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO, 5/5/24?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Photo: HBO

Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight on HBO? Given that there was a repeat last week, there may be a concern about a larger hiatus.

Luckily, this is where we’re happy to share some good news for a moment: There IS no reason for concern! You are going to be seeing more of the Oliver-hosted show later tonight, and we’re excited already to see what the focus of that is going to be.

Given that Oliver wasn’t on last week, you can argue that the show is going to have a lot of catching-up to do on a number of different stories here from the past 14 days … but will they really do a lot of that? Maybe for a minute or two, but we know rather well that this is a show that is more about the present than the past. There will probably be 5-10 minutes devoted to relatively current events and from there, we’ll get more into the main segment.

This is where we have to wonder the following: Can Last Week Tonight get back to the high highs that they had earlier this year with the Supreme Court segment? One of the problems with starting your season off with the whole Clarence Thomas bit is that it’s really hard to top it and as a result of that, it’s felt like the show hasn’t matched the greatness of it again since. Some of the segments have been informative, but not altogether memorable. The UFO one last week was fascinating and yet, felt lacking when it comes to what the show could have done.

Then again, maybe we just set the bar really high for this show just because of its assorted Emmy wins and how much we love it. You want every week and every segment to be a home run of a certain variation.

What are you hoping to see moving into the next new Last Week Tonight with John Oliver episode?

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