NCIS season 21 episode 10: ‘Reef Madness’ sneak peeks

NCIS season 21
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On Monday night you will see NCIS season 21 episode 10 — a big finale, and also one of the more emotional stories we’ve seen.

After all, consider a couple of different things here. Based on some of the early details that we’ve seen from “Reef Madness,” Jessica Knight and Alden Parker are going to be in danger while investigating a murder scene aboard a ship. As it turns out, it is one that was being turned into an artificial reef, hence the title for this episode. Meanwhile, you’re also going to see Vance offer Katrina Law’s character an opportunity to take on a brand-new position in the NCIS world.

If you head over to the show’s official YouTube page, you can see some of these previews now for what is ahead! One of the biggest things we’re surprised in here about is that Knight is actually not being offered the spot at her dad’s post in the Far East, mostly because she already turned it down and apparently, this is not something that her boss is going to revisit. Instead, he wants her to consider a chief REACT position at Camp Pendleton out on the West Coast, one that is being vacated by the new head of the Far East field office. It’s a spot that she is more than qualified for, and it also allows her to stay in America. However, at the same exact time she isn’t committing to anything yet — she wants to talk to Jimmy first, and that causes him to freak out.

Is he breaking up with her? AT first glance, the previews make it seem that way, mostly because he’s so traumatized by everyone leaving him and he’s afraid that she’s going to do the same. He’s lost Breena and Ducky, Gibbs is presumably still in Alaska, and his daughter is even getting more distant. He’s struggling with all of this and thinking emotionally.

Are we feeling confident that Jimmy and Jessica still have a future? Sure, and they could even if she takes this job! Yet, clearly the producers want us to be sweating this one out for a little while.

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