Is Billy Burke leaving Fire Country? Did Vince die?

Fire Country season 2
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Is Billy Burke leaving Fire Country? For at least a short amount of time on Friday night’s new episode, it was clear the producers wanted you to panic. After all, Vince needed to be shocked back to life by Gabriela and at one point, she was hesitant to go through with it.

Why? Well, if she ended up doing something to hurt him, she struggled that she would ever be able to look at Bode again. Vince was also desperate to have treatment done his way, mostly because he did not want to do anything that would lead to him losing his job. This is a pretty precarious position for him and yet, we were hopeful still.

In the end, Vince did end up being okay, but Gabriela was still furious at him for putting her in a position where she couldn’t get additional medical help. He pleaded with her to give him time to get better, and that he was improving — after all, he wants nothing more than to be fighting fires and spending some time with his son once he gets out. He appealed to Gabriela with a simple message: She understands what it is like to wait for Bode.

Moving forward, Vince does need to figure out how much he values honesty more than anything else. He still isn’t telling Sharon about his episode within this episode, and he’s trying to keep everything under wraps. Based on what we’ve seen from years of watching television, things aren’t going to work out. He’s going to face some other issues and beyond just that, Gabriela could struggle to hold onto this secret.

That is, of course, without even mentioning what she’s struggling with when it comes to Bode.

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