Sugar season 1 episode 6: EP on John Sugar, alien twist

Sugar season 1
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The events of Sugar season 1 episode 6 have already stirred up quite the hornet’s nest online, and we cannot say we’re shocked. Just think about what we saw! We have now learned that John Sugar is an alien, and this is easily the sort of surprise that rivals anything that you may have seen on TV this year.

Now, it is true that there were a few clues spread here and there within the past few episodes; however, you really had to be looking for them! This is a twist that does upend a lot of what we have seen in terms of how we view John Sugar and some other characters in this world; it is also not a surprise that way back when the show was being shopped, there was a lot of resistance to the twist from networks.

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Speaking on the subject to People Magazine, here is what executive producer Simon Kinberg had to say:

“There were a lot of people that loved the writing. They loved the character, because Mark Protosevich had written a beautiful script, and John Sugar was such a unique and beautiful character … But there were a lot of places that were scared of this reveal, that it felt like the blending, or mashup of the genres, was too risky. There were some places that said, ‘Why can’t it just be a detective show? It’s a really good detective show.’”

There are some critics out there blasting the alien twist, claiming that it completely upends the story and is utterly unnecessary. For us personally, though, we tend to think that this is rather great! It is a chance to do something creative with the larger world, and explain perhaps what these aliens are actually on Earth for it. Is it just to observe?

Also, the case of Olivia is still important; the show is not just forgetting about it!

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