Tulsa King season 2 spoilers: Who is Jackie Ming?

Tulsa King
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With each passing day, it appears as though more and more good news is coming out regarding the second season of Tulsa King. With that, why not introduce you to a new character in Jackie Ming now?

According to a new report coming in right now from Deadline, you are going to be seeing Warrior actor Rich Ting come on board the Sylvester Stallone series for an important role. The Jackie character is described as “a quiet but ruthless man with his own ambitions in Tulsa.” In other words, this could easily be an adversary-of-sorts to Stallone’s Dwight, who has a significant mess he will need to clean up at the start of the season.

Based on the sheer number of castings that we have seen revealed over the past few weeks, our feeling is that the show may be going for a villain-by-committee approach moving forward, where you see a number of different foes all appear in the hopes of stirring things up and causing a little bit of drama. The more dynamic characters, the better right?

At the core of Tulsa King is power and through that, a lot of other forces are going to collide in the hopes of getting it. Of course, there is a chance that a few of them will succeed, at least temporarily. One of the fun creative challenges with a show like this is that nobody, Dwight included, can really feel too stable when it comes to their place in the world. If they do, you start to run a real risk that the show loses some of its creative steam.

There is no premiere date yet for the second season, but all signs suggest that Paramount+ will be bringing it back once we get to the fall.

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