Ghosts season 3 finale: Who is Flower’s friend Patience?

Ghosts season 3
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As we prepared to see the Ghosts season 3 finale on CBS tonight, some recent words loomed large about possible cliffhangers. Based on everything that we’d heard over the past little while, absolutely we’d be seeing some sort of craziness transpire.

The question really was where it was going to come from, given that at one point in the episode, the focus was on Isaac’s wedding day to Nigel. Meanwhile, elsewhere Pete had found himself aboard a cruise ship — and with another ghost in Donna (Allegra Edwards) who died back in the 1980’s via a heavy cell phone. When his hand vanished, it raised a huge question — was he starting to disappear?

Well, what really happened with Pete is that the longer he stayed away from Woodstone, the more he started to disappear. He got back just in time for the wedding, and it came with a lot of new knowledge. He found someone he really cared for, but he couldn’t stand to be without his friends. Because of Pete’s big speech about finding himself, Isaac opted to not marry Nigel. He realized that he just wasn’t ready for marriage yet.

So, what was the cliffhanger at the end of the episode? It actually had something to do with the Basement Ghosts, and also Patience, a woman who Flower spent a lot of time with “in the dirt.” This is also the puritan woman who we first saw earlier this season!

Speaking to TVLine, here is what executive producer Joe Wiseman had to say about this cliffhanger:

When we came up with the story of Patience in Episode 308, we pretty much immediately knew we would need to see Patience in the future. We all got excited about seeing her soon, and we started talking like, “OK, what would she do?” and it seems like she would be very, very upset at Isaac. So we just sort of worked into this idea that she finds her way to the house and wants to enact revenge. We thought it was just, like, a great visual of Isaac being grabbed from behind, and being pulled into the dirt was a great way to leave the season with a cliffhanger.

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